Longwood Stroll

Hello, and welcome to Harris Metalsmith.com. This new site was launched in 2018 and replaced our old one. Unfortunately we lost a great deal of blog content from the former site. So here goes to rebuilding some content on metal design, my approach to artistry, forging, blacksmithing, and other things that inspire. I’m pleased that you have taken some time to visit here.

A great deal of my sculptural work is influenced by the natural world, movements of migrating birds, wind swept plant forms, and the miriad of textures found all inspire me to create. As a young boy I was always fascinated with my fathers garden and the plant forms found there in. Our family also had a pass to Longwood Gardens every year, it was always a place of beauty and discovery. In an effort to continue this family tradition Heidi and I purchased a family pass and spent much of our Sunday afternoon there today. Here are a few photos of inspired forms I snapped while walking with my family today.


Matthew Harris